Artificial Grass Riverside County California
Artificial Grass Riverside County California
Serving Riverside County, California

New Product Just Arrived! Start Grooming!

It is nice to have right tools to take care of your investment, you have your synthetic lawn in place. There are two sizes available - 18 and 36 inches wide wwwglobalsynturfcom/accessories/67/   The. Connectors) are made of high-quality aluminum to last you many years of service If, most significant pieces (screws. To make your turf look fluffy and to keep it clean and up-straight, it is good to have exact tools to take care of your investment, if you have your fake lawn in place. Because metal damages blades of the turf , do you clean your yard with a metal rake? I hope you don't. Turf Groom has a polished pine handle. Like we groom our hair, it is a special idea to give a marvelous look to your lawn by grooming it We. So call us and place an order, just got a new Turf Groom nowadays. To clean up some debris or to fluff up the turf The, you can use it to spread the infill. Turf Groom has long nylon tines that reach deep into the grass blades and pull it upright.

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