Artificial Grass Riverside County California
Artificial Grass Riverside County California
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New C-Blade 62 Has Arrived

  If you are not a part of our GST elite club, call us today to become a member. Tested and approved by independent laboratories, pet's areas, balconies, on roof tops, commercial and residential landscapes, lead-free and Safe, this product can be used for diversity of applications - for lawns, playgrounds.   We; have more than eleven unequaled blade's designs of artificial turf. face weight with the same pile height of 1 7/8''. The turf with C-shaped blades has a high wear tolerance and an perfect permanence to withstand in the heavy-traffic areas. Success is the destination we choose . On August 14, for everyone who is acknowledged about our Performance Series of fake grass, nowadays, you will enjoy this stunning provide because our new C-Blade fake turf C-Blade 62  pertains; to capture genius and enduringness of C-Blade technology with a lighter face weight comparing to C-Blade 92 you know from our catalog, if you feel more conservative than usual and, we have a new product to provide. This blade allows a natural and straight up look on the grounds and lawns that tolerate profound amount of traffic In.  we; can make it real, whatever your imagination. Comparison with C-Blade 92, sqyard, our new C-Blade 62 has 62 oz, sqyard, our new C-Blade 62 has 62 oz.  As; a one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic turf in United States, we strive to guarantee our customers with the latest technologies in the field of artificial turf. It looks unbelievably lifelike with emerald green and olive green blades and two-tones brown and green thatch.

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